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The UCP Preschool provides a loving Christian atmosphere, called our School Family, where all children share a variety of age-appropriate experiences and learn to play and work with others. The Preschool operates as an outreach of UCP.


  • Social Development: Children learn the actions and language needed to interact positively with other children and adults in group settings.
  • Emotional Development: Children learn to express feelings through words, art and play activities. Teachers strive to increase each child’s confidence in abilities and enhance self-esteem. 
  • Physical Development: Children are provided opportunities to increase large and small motor skills through many different activities.
  • Cognitive Development: Love of learning is promoted. Teachers provide a literacy rich environment where children are building a foundation for learning to read and write. Children learn to make choices in activities, to explore and to solve problems in their play. Teachers provide experiences for each child that will be challenging, but not frustrating. 
  • Spiritual Development: Children learn to appreciate God’s creation, know God’s love, and recognize everyone as children of God.


Registration is open for the 2017-2018 school year. Learn more and register.


Our Preschool is accredited by the NAEYC.

Contact Information

  • Jane Plum, Director,
  • Tracie Lambakis, Administrative Assistant
  • Stephanie Sturgell, Administrative Assistant
  • 703-437-1127
  • Office Hours:
    • Monday-Thursday: 9 AM-2 PM
    • Friday: 9 AM-12 PM