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We are continually exploring our relationships with God and the world in which we live. The adult ministry exists to connect adults growing in faith through classes and study. We welcome diverse and new ideas, encourage open discussion and seek understanding in our growth and exploration.

Adult Classes (Sundays, 9:50 AM)

In between services, there are a variety of classes for adults. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, we welcome you to any class of your choice on any given Sunday. 

Classes have different focuses, but all explore how our Christian faith speaks to issues of contemporary thought and society. Current events, societal issues and the changing world are discussed. The goal of classes isn't to tell you what to think, but to broaden our thinking.

Fall Classes:

Bible 101 

topic: "Living the Word, Teaching God's Story"

Explore the story of Scripture with lessons which match the readings which we will hear 
in worship. We will see how the God of Scripture is still at work today, inviting 
us to be a part of the story.

October 8-October 29; Room 117

Christian Mentoring 

topic: How Do We Talk (and LISTEN) to One Another

We will discuss coping with change, listening, communication skills, Christian conflict avoidance and management, personal and spiritual gifts and more. Each session will be Holy Spirit and participant driven.

October 8-October 29; Room 115

In Search of Fair Tax Reform 

What would a fair tax system look like? Do we really want it? How do we get it? Can we really expect our government to deliver it? What should the church do if it does or doesn’t? Should the church embrace or resist an ending of special tax benefits for religious institutions and clergy?

October 8-October 29; Room 113-114

 The Reformation & Our Four Denominations

What did the reformation mean in our past, and does it still have meaning today?

October 8-October 29; Room 118

Small Groups

Small groups are a great way to grow in faith and get connected. 
Learn more about Small Groups.